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Working with a coach during online course is a completely new level. For me, it was not only professional, but also personal explosive growth.

O. Grigorieva, Head of Residential Property Department
LLC "AVENTIN-RealEstate", St. Petersburg

Roundy allows to make a detailed review of deal algorithm from start to finish. This gives additional confidence, which is never redundant in our profession.

T. Sergeeva, realtor LLC "ABSOLUT City", St. Petersburg

I really like that the project is alive and is developing all the time. Wide collection of sparring cases, online course, webinars are constantly being held. I am sure that this in-depth training system is in high demand by the real estate market.

A. Baranov, General Director
LLC "AVENTIN-RealEstate", St. Petersburg

A big headache for any manager is the painless entry into the profession for novice agent. The Roundy website helped us a lot. I consider the "The first deal in two weeks" course to be unique. Our agents master the simulator with all its capabilities. Thank you for the new, innovative approach to employee training.

A. Mishchenko, head
SPS "Vector", Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region

We tested the Roundy project as an opportunity to raise our professional level once again . We believe that this is the future form of education. Thanks to all developers.

Yuri Kaloshin, head of the department of secondary real estate
AN "INVESTOR", Chelyabinsk

An excellent negotiation simulator for practicing specific situations that realtors face in their work.

D. Romanova, real estate expert
«AVENTIN-RealEstate», St. Petersburg

Roundy for business.

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