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Roundy for business.

Increasing your profits through effective negotiations.

Companies can use ROUNDY for assessment and comprehensively developing the negotiation skills of their employees online. The company can create groups of company members on the resource and monitor their progress.

The ROUNDY package for companies includes:

  • initial assessment of negotiation skills development (test and grading sparring with a coach)
  • individual program development for impovement employee's negotiation skills
  • a set of basic cases to train general negotiation skills
  • development cases according to negotiation specifics in the company
  • the number of negotiators involved in sparring can be up to 6 people (three on each side)
  • coach sessions with members
  • webinars series and master groups aimed at comprehending what is going on in sparring and developing skills
  • final measuring of the learning effect (test and grading sparring with an expert)

We provide following training programs:

Effective Negotiations: A Breakthrough Strategy

Program includes:
  • online course with a set of negotiation situations adapted for the company
  • coach support for each employee (3 individual sessions)
  • rating new mastered skills proved by certificate given
  • unlimited consulting support for graduates of the program

Negotiations on 100%


Fundamentals of negotiation strategy and tactics based on a negotiation situation comprehensive analysis using algorithms of confident behavior.

Three dimensions negotiation


How to evolve commercial negotiations with a corporate client. Preparation and analysis value in the client's decision-making process. Multi-steps negotiations.

Assessment center


Complex essessment of the company's employees negotiation competencies, development of an individual training program.

Individual coaching


Individual trainings for key employees and managers based on coaching provided by certified coaches with specific training in negotiations.

Special offer for government organizations

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Special offer for real estate agencies

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