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Roundy for business.

Increasing your profits through effective negotiations.

Deal in 7 steps

  • 7 short lectures
  • Unique work system «in the field»
  • Webinars
  • Personal trainer support
  • Intensive training on cases from a private collection
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Price: 3 000 ⃏/member

Realtors oriented seminars and trainings

  • Creation and managing personal brand as the foundation of a realtor's success
  • Effective negotiations in the real estate business
  • Trust management in complex deals
  • Interaction with different psychological types
  • Realtor's personal efficiency
Price: 70 000

«ROUNDY DISTANT» Complex service of improvement real estate agency employees

  • «A solid basis for negotiations» (duration 2 months)
  • Online course «Trust Management» (duration 1 month)
  • Online course «Realtor's personal efficiency» (duration 2 weeks)
  • 6 webinars for advanced training on relevant topics (with experts)
  • Participation in 12 meetings with MASTER GROUP
  • 2 coaching sessions for each participant
  • Unlimited participation in real estate sparring with private cases
  • Certificate of passing the course
Duration: 1 year
Price: 160 000 ⃏ per 20 members group

Realtors participation in the permanent MASTER GROUP


2 times a month meetings in the webinar format with experts from the Russian real estate market.

Example themes of meetings:
  • Search for the owner. Rules. Scheme. Ways.
  • Filter for efficient search
  • Filling client base with active contracts
  • Segmenting client base to maximize revenue
  • Active communications scheme with a client
  • First call to the owner, algorithm and technology
  • Script and key phrases in the first call to the client to guarantee a result
  • Resultive work with incoming calls
  • Resultive work with outgoing calls
  • First meeting with the owner
Duration: 1 year
Price: 500 ⃏/meeting 2 400 ⃏/year + 3 additional monthss free

Online negotiations trainer

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Roundy for business

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